Psychward Tattoos & Piercing
Minot, ND - 701-500-1810

OPEN 11am to 7pm

Tuesday - Sunday


In Minot, North Dakota, we created a place for body art where you can feel comfortable joining in the conversation. Irreverent, friendly, talented people is who we chose to fill our studio with. Like the living room at a friends house, our space is always full of good vibes, fun distractions, and all our attitude is reserved for each other, so you don't feel like you intruded half-way through in an inside joke. Good-natured pranks and trash-talk is just part of the fun, here.

SHOP INFO: - Under 18 Policy - Piercings Info - Children in the Shop

We tattoo and pierce under 18, but ONLY with consent of a proven, legal expect to prove it. State-issued photo ID is easily available at the local DMV and is the only ID we accept. We do accept tribal ID. I do not accept school IDs. If names don't match, bring supporting documentation to prove your legal responsibility. We suggest ID, birth certificate, court documents, or other legal documents.

Piercings are available only Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 11am  until the piercer gets bored, so if it's past 6pm, please call and check he is still here. 701-500-1810

Well-behaved children are welcome to wait during your appointment and we will do our best to tone-down our vocabulary, but this IS a place where we have very honest conversations across the studio and your child may hear a naughty word or two and we apologize in advance if that does happen. Our seating area does have movies or cartoons playing most of the time to help distract and entertain those not being tattooed or pierced, just ask and we can find a fun show for the kids to watch.